Odds & Ends

All items posted are in good to great condition.  I never sell anything on my site that I would not be proud to pass along for another person's use. 

Our renovation created a lot of "bought this, didn't use it" so check back often as this page will get updated as I find more items in the "unpacking" of 2016.

Digital Wall Switch Timer
Did not fit where we needed one.  Instructions included.  Sold as is. $5.00

Stemware Holder
Mounts under a cabinet shelf.  New, not used and all installation hardware included. $5.00

Las Vegas & Arizona Shot Glasses
In my traveling years for work, I often purchased odds and ends from the various locations I visited.  These were a couple of them.  Make great gag gifts for holiday exchanges, right?   They are both larger than a normal shot glass. $2.00 for both.

GE Mini Tape Micro Cassette Player and Tapes

I can't even tell you how long we have had this - 25 years, 30?  I should probably put it in a time capsule for my kids to show them what technology was like all those years ago.  In any case, this was used by my husband to record lectures when he was in college for playback to study.  Tapes I am sure still have the material on it from his classes, but I'm not going to the trouble of erasing them.  $20.00 for the lot.

LOST Seasons 1-3 DVD Set UNOPENED $15.00

Sorry for the high price, I'm just not sure I can part with this lol!  If you haven't seen this series, it's AWESOME!   These are still in plastic packaging.

The Bourne Ultimatum $3.00 UNOPENED

We received 2 copies as gifts, and I'm just now posting this - yes, 9 years after the movie came out :o  Obviously it's not BlueRay :).  This is still in plastic packaging.

Epson PictureMate Personal Photo Lab $10.00
This doesn't require a computer to print pictures.  The cartridges for it are about 10.00 from what I Googled.  If you need a quick way to print pics for kids projects and don't have a computer that you can use for it, this is a great home item to have.  Original box and instructions included.