Kid's Toys & Games

All items posted are in good to great condition.  I never sell anything on my site that I would not be proud to pass along for another person's use. I also check Google Shopping for pricing so I am competitive, but not overpriced.

EXCELLENT condition. 
Toy Story 3 Landfill with accessories $40.00

Microcharger Hyper Dome and Cross Track Sets
These sets are in EXCELLENT condition.  All pieces and instructions are included. Extra tires are included, 4 cars and two chargers. Boxes & batteries are not. I would like to sell these together, $60.00 for all.

Games - Ages 4-6
Great starter set for any child.  Boxes are in decent condition, some better than others. $3.00 each unless noted.

Missing two fish - $2.00 for this one!

Puzzles - Ages 4-6
Another great starter set for any child.  USA puzzle is wood.  Others regular.  All pieces included. Boxes are in perfect condition.  Noah's Ark and USA States puzzles do not include CD or activity book. $3.00 each (I Spy sold as a pair for $3.00)

Trio Sets - Ages 4-6 Sold Together $75.00
This is an amazing deal.  We had two of the mixed sets and then added the DC Super Heros Mega Bat Cave and Sub Set.  This is a lot of play time for a child.  In addition to the two Treo boxes that are full, I have another same size box of these separately and all manuals included.  Many Trio people and DC Superhero characters as well. The manuals that came with the building set storage boxes have tons of items to build.  Great Pre-Lego building set.

Matchbox Play Sets - MANY ITEMS $30.00
If you need a set of Matchbox/Hotwheels to occupy your son, here it is!  Car box plus 36 different cars and a car carrier truck & an entire TUB of Matchbox and Hotwheels connectable roads, buildings and portable play sets and acessories.  GREAT idea for a play set to leave at Grandma's house for when you need it!

Transformers Revving Robots  - Optimus Prime $20.00
Excellent condition with user manual.
Not sure why when I google it, the price is so high, but mine is $20.00  :)

Rescue Heros Set $7.00

Great Condition, full lot of 3 pieces.

Pirates and Accessories $5.00
We had a buildable pirate ship that broke, these are the accessories from it.  The characters are larger than lego people, about 3-4" tall I guess.  If you have a pirate set would be fun to add these.  Includes 2 cannons, map, treasure chest with a telescope inside 2 ship wheels. 

Avengers Ironman Wrist Repulser $7.00
Includes two plastic darts, manual.  A little dinged up, but still works fine. 

Miscellaneous Lot of Action Figures  $10.00
Pretty much every character a little boy loves.  Some Imaginext, some Power Rangers, plenty of Batman.

Land's End Backpack with "Jack" embroidered NEW NEVER USED $10.00
I saved this for my little guy for his first day of school, but they gave them required bags, so we never used it.  Oh well, feel free to buy for your Jack! Clear pocket under Jack flap.

Miscellaneous Lot of Transformers $7.00
I can't guarantee ALL pieces are included, but enough these can be put together and played with.  The more complicated ones have instructions.  Some are Star Wars themed.  Also included are some transformer immovable figures.

Miscellaneous Lot How to Train Your Dragon Figures & Toys $5.00

Again, just miscellaneous play sets and characters from the movie.  (One of my boys very favorites - and mine too!)

Miscellaneous Lot Cars Figures & Toys plus Play Carpet $30.00

Yet AGAIN, another of our favorite movies made toys.  Includes Mack the Truck which opens for play, the Dinoco Truck opens for a car to enter, mini Mack, several Lightning McQueens, and other characters, a Mater Truck, and the play carpet of Radiator Springs (approx. 2' x 2') which is in NEW condition.  

Batman Belts and Accessories $10.00

We had two of these, so I've combined what's left between them for a full set of Batman dress up play.  One belt, with attachable Bat dart shooter (2 included with 4 darts), bat holder cases, a working bat light, handcuffs and other misc items.