Yard Sale Hours: 24/7

Welcome to My Never Ending Yard Sale!

We live in Shelby County, Alabama in the country; a quiet, peaceful life, well as peaceful as two young boys will allow!  We take care of our home and the things we own so they last forever.  If it's going on the wall, it's staying there.  But boys grow, and toys and barely worn clothes need new owners and sometimes that forever item on the wall just doesn't look right anymore.  But out here, our quiet and peaceful life means no one purposely goes looking for a yard sale.  And if I did try and host one, I would end up with 3 neighbors visiting and no one buying anything.  

Therefore, after years of posting my gently used, much loved, well taken care of items to pass along to others looking for great deals to Craig's List and every known Facebook local yard sale page and trying to manage the texts, emails, cross posts only to have the items buried in 2 days or expiring before anyone was interested, causing me to repost... I gave up.  Well almost.

I'm trying something new, a site I can actually manage on my own.  And leave my items up until they sell, and take them down quickly when I do.  And communicate with the buyers of my ability to meet them for the transaction based on my schedule and what works best for them.

I've organized my yard sale by categories on the right of this page.  

Click on the category for the items you wish to browse.  

See something you like?  
Leave a comment or email me at myneverendingyardsale1@gmail.com (yes, someone took MY email address, the nerve! ;) )

I accept cash only, but if you are not local and it's a shippable item, I will sell via Paypal and ship for actual costs via UPS or Fedex (Continental U.S. only).

For my local friends, typically I can meet to transact Monday to Friday anywhere from Chelsea to Vestavia on the Hwy 280 Corridor at these times:

- 10am to 2pm at Whole Foods (280) or Summit
- 4:45pm YMCA Greystone

Weekends are flexible to meet in Chelsea.

I don't mind holding an item for a few days to make sure we can meet at a time that's convenient for both of us.  As long as you are committed to buying the item.

That's it!  Enjoy browsing and let me know if you find something!